Console indoor Evo heat pump 12k- R32/R410A

1.086,00incl. BTW
Artikelnummer: 241200


SYSPLIT CONSOLE EVO air conditioners are perfectly combined with any interior and are stylish with modern design.

  • Advanced DC fan inverter.
  • Flexible installation, the unit can be installed hanged on the wall or ceiling suspended.
  • High efficient and washable air filter included.
  • Automatic distribution of the treated air in the horizontal and vertical directions.
  • Compact, easy to install and maintain, can be even installed in a niche.
  • Low noise level thanks to the improved shape of the impeller blades.
  • The fresh air intake can fulfil air quality requirements and enhance occupants comfort.
  • Infrared remote controller RM 57 included; Wired remote WC 29 available as an accessory.
  • Universal use for R32/R410A outdoor units.

Technische specificatie


  • Gewicht: 15 kg
  • Geluidsvermogenniveau LWA: 58 dB(A)
  • Ingangsstroom: 0,21 A
  • Koelvermogen: 3,52 kW



  • A: 810
  • B: 549
  • C: 325
  • D: 350
  • E: 305
  • F: 310
  • H: 558