Duct indoor Evo heat pump 18k.

1.470,00incl. BTW
Artikelnummer: 261800


SYSPLIT DUCT EVO air conditioners are designed using the latest engineering solutions and allow their installation with a minimum ceiling height.

  • Advanced DC inverter control for the compressor, outdoor fan motor and indoor fan motor.
  • One indoor unit can serve several facilities through a network of ducts to the high external static pressure that can reach up to 160Pa.
  • Washable air filter included.
  • Flexible air intake from the rear (factory standard), it can be easily changed to bottom air intake using the same flange plate.
  • Built-in drain pump can lift the condensate water up to 750 mm.
  • With the Auto-restart function the unit resumes with the same settings before the electric power failure.
  • Precise Electronic Expansion Valve fitted in the outdoor unit secures an optimal operation in any ambient conditions.
  • Low GWP R32 refrigerant.
  • Wired remote controller SYS WC 120G included;
  • Infrared remote controller SYS RM 57 available as accessory.
  • The on/off and alarm contacts, as well as the network port for centralized and BMS gateway, allow a remote control of the split system.

Technische specificatie


  • Gewicht: 26,9 kg
  • Geluidsvermogenniveau LWA: 60 dB(A)
  • Frequentie: 50 Hz
  • Spanning: 230 V
  • Koelvermogen: 5,28 kW



  • A: 880
  • B: 210
  • C: 674
  • D: 600
  • E: 136
  • F: 706