Multi outdoor 1:5 inverter heat pump 42K 1Ph- R32

5.121,00incl. BTW
Artikelnummer: 154200


SYSPLIT MULTI EVO is ideal and flexible solution for providing quiet and efficient air conditioning for 2 to 5 areas from a single outdoor unit. SYSPLIT MULTI outdoor units are compatible with SYSPLIT WALL, CASSETTE, DUCT and CONSOLE indoor units.

  • DC inverter technology for precise temperature control and a low start-up current.
  • Robust and reliable structure, cabinet made of zinc steel sheet.
  • Outdoor units are equipped with valve protection cover.
  • Rotary compressors assure high efficient operation, minimal vibration and low noise level.
  • The electric heating belt fitted on the base plate of the outdoor unit avoid accumulation of rain, snow and defrosted water (only for models 18 and 27).
  • Hydrophilic aluminium fins improve the heat exchange efficiency reducing the defrosting cycle time.
  • Cooling down to -15 °C and heating down to -20°C assures an operation all year round.
  • The crankcase heater wrapped around the compressor assures safe start at very low outdoor temperature (only for models 18 and 27).
  • With the Auto-restart function the unit resumes with the same settings before the electric power failure.
  • Low GWP R32 refrigerant.

Technische specificatie


  • Gewicht: 73,3 kg
  • Geluidsvermogenniveau LWA: 71 dB(A)
  • Frequentie: 50 Hz
  • Spanning (nominaal): 230 V
  • Koelvermogen: 12,31 kW

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  • A: 946
  • B: 810
  • C: 410
  • D: 640
  • E: 405